GPS address: 42 rue de la Hourqueyre, 33340, Saint Yzans de Médoc

If you arrive by Bordeaux:

  • By the road N ° 215: you take the “Rocade” and follow Mérignac (not Bordeaux).
  • You exit at exit n ° 7 or 8 towards Le Verdon, Lesparre.
  • It is straight ahead until the “4 ways-road” between St Laurent du Médoc and Lesparre.
  • You will see the direction of St Yzans (D4) on the right on this “4 ways-road”.
  • You follow the D4 to La Hourqueyre, about 10 km after.

By the “route des Châteaux” :

  • If you prefer to take the Medoc “route des Chateaux”: after the “Rocade de Bordeaux”, you’ll take the direction of Blanquefort in Eysines.
  • You will then pass through Pauillac and continue along the Gironde to St Yzans.
  • It is the second on the left in the village, towards St Germain. La Hourqueyre is 1 km further on the right.

By ferry from Royan :

  • You take the N215 to Lesparre.
  • You take the 1st traffic light on the left.
  • At Couquèques, you turn right and arrive at St Yzans.
  • You turn right into the village and drive 1 km to La Hourqueyre.
  • Ferry crossing times: Royan-Le Verdon timetables